Pop-Up Store Omnisens Paris : Le Jardin des Sens

16 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire - 75011 Paris

May 14th - 26th, 2024

Photo of the window display at the Omnisens Paris pop-up store

Get your free personalized skin diagnosis from our skincare expert Nathalie, join yoga sessions, and much more at our exclusive workshops!


Enjoy our special offers and receive unique gifts during your visit to our Pop-Up Store. Don't miss this opportunity to discover our new products, designed to awaken your senses and dive into the world of Omnisens Paris.


Photo of Sylvie Lefranc for the Facial Yoga Masterclass at the Omnisens pop-up store

Facial Yoga Masterclass with Sylvie Lefranc:
A Journey through Well-being and Beauty

Sylvie Lefranc, a renowned expert in the field with over 15 years of professional experience in beauty and wellness, has developed a unique method that combines teachings she received in France and India.

Our masterclass focuses on 2 pillars:

Facial YogaTone, smooth, and relax hypotonic facial muscles through specific yoga techniques.

Self-Massage and Facial Acupressure: Boost collagen and elastin production, speed cellular renewal, and improve energy circulation of the face.

Photo of a woman in yoga attire for the Yoga workshop at the Omnisens pop-up store

Yoga Lessons:
A Journey through Well-being

Melhina Tounsi, professional osteopath and yoga teacher, invites you to discover a unique yoga lesson. Her double expertise in osteopathy and yoga enables her to offer a holistic approach improving your well-being.

Our lessons, welcoming everybody, offer three styles of yoga to meet your specific needs:

Gentle Ashtanga Yoga: Ideal for relaxation and refocus.

Dynamic Ashtanga Yoga: Perfect for strength and endurance.

Hatha Yoga: Excellent for peace of mind and concentration.

Photo of Nathalie Benisty for the skin diagnostics workshop at the Omnisens pop-up store in Paris

Skin Diagnostics
with Nathalie Benisty

Discover the routine matching the specific needs of your face. Enjoy the personalized products which will improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Make the most of Nathalie Benisty’s expertise: our Training Director in charge of SPAs, for a personalized skincare diagnosis. Through her unique experience, she has unveiled all the skincare secrets. Nathalie will provide you with advice specifically tailored to address your skin concerns.

Photo of a woman receiving a Radiance Facial Treatment at the Omnisens pop-up store in Paris

Transform your skin
in just 30 minutes

Treat yourself to a moment of relaxation with our "Coup d'Éclat" Vitamin C-rich facial care, designed to reveal the natural glow of your skin. Give your skin the elasticity and radiance it needs with immediate results in just half an hour. It's a unique Spa signature experience that will transport you to a state of deep fulfillment.

Don't miss this opportunity and sign up now for this unique beauty experience.

Photo of a Karmama platter for the Omnisens pop-up store in Paris

Sharing platter crafting workshop 

Led by Romane and Héloïse, two culinary art enthusiasts, you will discover how to compose plates that are both aesthetically splendid and gastronomically delicious.

Explore harmonious associations between colors and flavors, learn to marry textures, play with contrasts, handle carefully selected ingredients, and awaken your taste buds to new sensations.


Photo of Le Rouge Français, the makeup partner of the Omnisens pop-up store in Paris

Le Rouge Français is an organic cosmetics brand that has made plant-based colors its signature. This unique makeup house offers a range of products, from refillable lipsticks to mascaras to nail polishes, all certified organic, vegan, and made in France.

Photo of Karmama cornetos for the Omnisens pop-up store in Paris

Karmama is the result of two passions. Its creator, Héloïse, combines design and gastronomy to offer unique experiences. Romane, a vegetable chef, contributes her love for southern French cuisine. Together, they offer a forward-thinking gastronomy that is environmentally respectful, delicious, and refined.