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The secret to beautiful skin every day? A face care routine adapted to your needs. Formulated in Paris, our cosmetics made in France, combine naturality, efficiency and sensoriality for a radiant skin and a real moments of well-being.

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A true invitation to well-being, the Omnisens range of facial treatments is designed to combine the useful with the pleasant: targeted treatments with recognized effectiveness, applied as a daily ritual to reconnect with oneself, and offer a parenthesis of letting go. Gentle cleansers, scrubs, enveloping masks and creams with a texture as light as it is nourishing: a beauty routine for each skin type, to combine radiant complexion and an unparalleled sensory experience. Developed in Brittany, Omnisens cosmetics are all made in France, according to a rigorous quality charter. They are also formulated under dermatological control, and not tested on animals.

Marine spring water: the key natural asset in our facial skincare range

With exceptional moisturizing properties, marine spring water is ideal for quenching the thirst of dry or dehydrated skin. We have chosen to include this natural active ingredient in all of the formulas in our facial care line because of its many benefits for the skin. Naturally rich in minerals, it deeply hydrates the skin and protects it by forming a dermo-epidermal barrier. Energizing and revitalizing, it stimulates its natural defenses, while bringing softness and soothing.

er will also stimulate and tone the epidermis, and regulate sebum production.

Once the skin is perfectly cleansed, it's time for an exfoliating treatment, with a gentle exfoliation to gently remove impurities and dead skin, and revive the complexion's radiance. For best results, apply your exfoliating treatment once or twice a week, in small rotating movements from the inside to the outside of the face, before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water.

To complete your routine, apply a hydrating mask that will nourish the skin in depth. For optimal effectiveness, leave your mask on for 10 to 15 minutes in an even layer before massaging the product so that it penetrates the skin well. The excess is then removed with a reusable cotton pad.

The final touch? A care cream adapted to its skin type and to be applied daily, in the morning as a makeup base and in the evening as a night care. We choose a light and refreshing formula to reduce the first fine lines and wrinkles, and we opt for a richer cream for a real lifting and plumping effect.