Body oil, Body Balm and Body  Lotion

Body oil, Body Balm and Body Lotion

In milk, oil or balm, there is no secret: the secret to beautiful skin is moisturizing treatment applied regularly. For soft, smooth and satiny skin, discover our range of hydrating body treatments with natural formulas and irresistible scents.

Ultra-sensory hydration by Omnisens

Always in search of pleasure for the senses, Omnisens has imagined moisturizing treatments with sensory textures and gourmet scents. Délice Lemon balm, with its addictive scent of lemon meringue pie, provides intense hydration while providing a moment of pure pleasure. It is ideal for deeply nourishing areas of drought, dry and dehydrated skin thirsty for nutrition, or quite simply to treat yourself to a pure moment of olfactory and sensory well-being. For their part, the gourmet oils Délice Passion and Délice Pistachio offer a more enveloping caress, leaving the skin soft and deliciously scented with notes of passion fruit and pistachio macaroon. Finally, the most delicate of smells will appreciate the finesse and discretion of the light fragrance of green tea in Instant de Fraîcheur body milk or Tonic Tea dry oil: invigorating and invigorating moisturizers instantly penetrating the skin.

Milk, balm or oil: what to choose?

Like a facial treatment, a moisturizer for the body is chosen according to its skin type. If you have very dry skin, prone to tightness, patches of dryness and the "crocodile skin" effect, a rich cream or an ultra-nourishing balm will be ideal. If you have normal skin, which occasionally feels tight (only in winter, for example), a light moisturizer may be sufficient for daily hydration. Finally, oils are great moisturizing alternatives and are suitable for all skin types. They have the ability to penetrate the skin more deeply than milks and creams, and adapt to all tastes thanks to their more or less rich texture.

To each their own moisturizing routine

In addition to your skin type, your habits are also to be taken into account when choosing your ideal moisturizer. If you like to moisturize your skin in the morning just before putting on your clothes, the light texture of a body lotion or dry oil will be ideal for dressing without wasting time. For more intense nutrition after a relaxing bath or before bedtime, an enveloping oil will be ideal: while rapidly penetrating the epidermis, it will leave a more present moisturizing veil on the skin than milk or dry oil. Finally, reserve the creamy balm for the driest areas of the skin or as a generous application all over the body during a cocooning evening, to offer yourself a moment of pure sensoriality.