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L'Eau REFLETS DE SOIE® - Eau de Toilette
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L'Eau REFLETS DE SOIE® - Eau de Toilette

Bring poetry into your life with our new Eau de Toilette REFLETS DE SOIE®.

This Eau de Toilette spreads like a spring breeze, carrying with it the sweet scent of vanilla and the intoxicating aroma of orange and almond blossoms. Each of these notes blends harmoniously to create an olfactory symphony that is both poetic and sensual. It envelops your skin like a caress, leaving you with a feeling of comfort and serenity. It is a fragrance that will accompany you throughout the day, making you feel unique and sensual.

Quantity : 50 ml - 1,69 fl.oz

€32.50 (tax excl.)
Fresh and Floral Scent: Tea Flower, Bergamot, Jasmine